Sports Media

Sports Media

Delivering sports content for a successful business outcome that benefits our clients and increases traffic, is a science. Here's a glimpse of how we do it for our clients and the formula we have successfully engineered over the past 20 years in digital sports entertainment. We won't say what goes into our secret content mix but it can be distilled down to a simple formula.

1: Live Integrated Sports Data

Touch-Line is committed to producing and supplying sports data in a format that fits your individual requirements, across all digital channels and on all devices. We work constantly to improve and develop our XML and JSON feeds, white-label, hosted solutions and content components to ensure that the most accurate content is delivered to your platform as quickly as possible. View the product suite here >

2: Revenue Generation - BetNav media
BetNav Media

This unique new plugin is crafted specifically for digital newspapers and sports media, delivers your share of a €100 Billion market utilizing a proven formula. BetNav provides your sports traffic with an exciting prediction service in a stunning and unique visualization. The complex engine that powers BetNav crunches vast volumes of data in real time to produce intelligent data driven predictions and insights in real time that will captivate your football audience and give the betting enthusiasts a unique advantage to help them win. Revenue generation is via the integrated bookmaker of your choice, with many already integrated.

3: Traffic Acquisition & Business Growth Services
Social Channel Content

Touch-Line has developed software that automatically produces and delivers key sports information such as live scores and in-play event updates across the social channels such as Facebook and Twitter. We offer a white label version for you to stream into your social accounts and build your social traffic.

Traffic Acquisition - Social Influencer Network Marketing

Touch-Line has built a large network of in-sport social influencers across the social channels. We deploy creative live sports content across these channels, branded to your requirements that link back to your App, Website or Digital service. This is the most effective form of digital marketing with a significantly higher ROI then regular advertising models.